Drop It Like It's Hot!

Because it is hot! Our drop off service delivers some of your favorite
Chris Cakes breakfast items hot, and ready to eat, 20 minutes before
the start of your next event. Perfect to feed you and 49 of your closest
friends after a killer all night dance party! At $6 per person, you can't
beat it. (Queue the Michael Jackson music)

Menu & Pricing

Option #1

BISCUITS AND SAUSAGE GRAVY WITH SCRAMBLED EGGS - Includes 2 biscuits, pork sausage gravy, and scrambled eggs (1/2 cup). Add 3 pork sausage links for $2.00 more.

Option #2

FRENCH TOAST WITH SAUSAGE LINKS - Includes 3- ½ slices of Texas style toast and 3 pork sausage links. Add scrambled eggs for $2.50 more.

Add On Items

Bacon - 3 slices


Cheesy Taters - 1/2 cup


Hash Browns - 1/2 cup


Real Orange Juice - 8 ounces


Add on items are in addition to regular menu costs

All prices are per person and do not include drinks. All meal options are dropped off hot and ready 20 minutes prior to serving time in disposable chafers and include plates, plasticware, napkins, serving utensils, butter packets, ketchup, and hot sauce. Drop Off Service is intended for groups of 50 or less. $250 minimum plus taxes and travel fees apply to all options. Not finding what you are looking for? We can customize any event to meet your needs. Contact Pancake HQ at (913)-893-6455 for full details.