What You've Always Wanted to Know About Chris Cakes

How long has CHRIS CAKES been around??

We've been flipping since 1969. There is still some debate on the most historic moment for that year... the first pancake off the grill or the first moon landing.

How fast can you flip?

Our flippers average around 200-250 pancakes an hour. But for that especially hungry crowd we've held the Guinness World Record (555 pancakes in an hour).

How much does one of your grills cost?

Sorry they are not for sale, and they are patented.

What is the LARGEST number of people served at one event?

We served 5000 pancake-craving people at Union Station in Kansas City, MO.

What is the record for the number of pancakes eaten at one event?

The Men’s record is 72 the women’s record is 48

Booking An Event

How far in advance can I book an event?

We accept bookings up to a year in advance. Bookings are done on a "first come, first serve" basis.

What is the maximum serving time for a typical event?

3 hours is generally the limit for an event. For larger events that will require more time please contact us for more information.

What if more people show up than I estimated?

We bring enough food to serve approximately 20% more than the number you estimate. The last thing we want is a pancake riot to break out.

Am I charged any extra fees if I exceed my estimate?

No, just the per plate cost for the extra people served.

Can I request changes to your standard menus?

Yes, we will do what we can to accomodate any request.

Is it REALLY All you can Eat?

Yes! As long as it is at one sitting we will feed you until you are full! In fact it is often more entertaining for us to see you try to eat 36 pancakes! Our national record is 72.

How can I make an accurate estimate