Chris Cakes History

A brief history on the best catering company this side of the moon.

Chris Cakes started out in 1969 by a fairly well respected and sometimes funny Loren Christiansen in the small town of Pocahontas, Iowa. A scrappy young engineer by the name of Steve Hamilton picked up the spatula and took it to the fine town of Louisburg, Kansas, just a couple good flips south of Kansas City in 1984.

Working 3 jobs to make ends meet, Steve continued flipping pancakes on the weekends until he really screwed up! His little part-time pancake hobby morphed into a full-time family flap-jacking venture. From 1990-current, Steve has turned flipping pancakes into a thriving small business with 5 full time flippers and 5 part time flippers allowing Chris Cakes to be enjoyed morning, noon, and night around the KC area. With our shop now in Edgerton, KS, we are even closer to our KC area fan base.

Chris Cakes has also flipped into St. Louis, Wichita, Indiana/Kentucky, Iowa, Ohio, Colorado, Oregon and Washington DC.

We are getting closer to becoming Chris Cakes World Headquarters! Thanks for helping us reach our goals!