How to Book an Event!

Fundraisin and Otherwise


chris-cakes-process-1Step 1

Call and answer a few questions. (Takes less than 5 minutes to set up.)

chris-cakes-process-2Step 2

10 days prior to your event we send an email confirming your event, if you don’t click the button don’t panic we will call and verbally confirm if we see you missed the email.

chris-cakes-process-3Step 3

The day before your event you will receive a confirmation call from the actual flipper dedicated to the awesomeness of your super great and incredible event. Because we work a lot of mornings this call usually takes place after lunch.

chris-cakes-process-4Step 4

Next day we show up on schedule and set-up
equipment which is patent-specific for our company.

chris-cakes-process-5Step 5

We serve food. Fast.

chris-cakes-process-6Step 6

We clean up our stuff and load the truck.

chris-cakes-process-7Step 7

When the event is done and the truck loaded, the server will scribble up an invoice, sometimes in crayon, then decide whether to collect payment in currency or small farm animals (we are a sucker for bunnies) and then we head back to the shop.

Should you need to pay in bunnies or possibly pay later please clear that in advance with our office so we don’t disappoint the hard working servers who will think they are getting bunnies.